To inspire mamas and their minis to be well.

Empowering mamas and their minis to be well.

See Mama Bee is an all-in-one wellness app that is individualized for mamahood and connects mama and mini wellness.


Whether you are a hopeful mama, an expecting mama, a breastfeeding or pumping mama, a post-baby mama, or a mama of multiple, the See Mama Bee app:

  • Enables mamas to log their nutrition based on food groups to ensure a balanced diet

  • Individualizes food-serving recommendations based on individual needs such as hopeful, expecting, breastfeeding/pumping, or post-baby

  • Offers nutrition and activity challenges to improve all areas of wellness

  • Tracks activity levels and provides goals for improvement

  • Assists in logging and determining food allergies in minis

Our mission is simple. Well Mama. Well Mini.

Well Mama

Wholesome nutrition. Food groups. Individualized for mamahood. Fun challenges. Goal setting.


Well Mini

Track allergic reactions. Record severity. Timestamp. Photograph. Share with medical team.

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See Mama Bee has been an exemplary client. They have a keen understanding of their user base, and they have taken a user-centric approach to designing an application that will fit the unique and specific needs of their users. Their willingness to approach the marketplace with a foundation of critical features that serve their users, matched with their passion and commitment to their cause has allowed them to create a winning business and one-of-a-kind mobile application.
— AppIt Ventures