About see mama bee


Hi, Mamas! Welcome to See Mama Bee, a lifestyle app for the modern mama. People often ask me “why” I am spending so much time and energy creating an app. Here’s my story:


Almost three years ago I found out I was pregnant with a little girl we named Maevis. It was amazing and life changing! And as someone who has always strived to be well, becoming a mama gave me a new motivation.

Being pregnant (and hungry), I quickly realized that the health apps I used before conceiving were not going to work for me anymore. My body had different nutritional needs and craved different forms of exercise. And that was all okay because my body was doing what it needed to grow our sweet Maevis.

Fast forward a few trimesters and I was post-delivery - nursing and pumping (and nursing and pumping). I turned to the same health apps striving to be well not only for myself, but now for our daughter. Again, they didn’t work. Counting calories while breastfeeding was impossible. Some days my daughter ate more and so to nourish her well, I needed to also. I quickly became frustrated and concluded that these apps weren’t for me. Not a pregnant mama. Not a nursing mama. Not a mama, in general.

Shortly after Maevis turned 8 months old, she began showing signs of food allergies. Her skin would break out in rashes and hives that no cream could cure. So I began tracking what we ate in seemingly endless food diaries hoping to find an answer. I eliminated foods from our diets that I suspected were the culprits. Finally, after countless emails and doctors’ visits, we had a diagnosis.

In the midst of all of this, my husband listened as I shared how there had to be an easier way to be a well mama. One day I mentioned creating an app that could help others striving for the same things. Mamas that want to eat quality food, without counting calories. Mamas that want to exercise to live a full and energetic life. Mamas that want their babies to be well, too. Mamas that want to do all of this together.

Fast forward a few months. With the help of my husband, our wonderful branding and app development team, and endless hours of research, the See Mama Bee App is now in the early stages of becoming an app for all mamas and their minis alike.


See Mama Bee is an all-in-one wellness app that is individualized for mamahood and connects mama and mini wellness. Well Mama. Well Mini. See Mama Bee:

  • Enables mamas to log their nutrition based on food groups to ensure a balanced diet

  • Individualizes food-serving recommendations based on individual needs such as hopeful, expecting, breastfeeding/pumping, and/or post-baby

  • Offers wellness challenges to improve all areas of wellness

  • Tracks activity levels and provides goals for improvement

  • Assists in logging and determining food allergies in minis



Ashley Adamson

co-founder & ceo

Ashley is a “get-up-and-go” mama that enjoys spending time outdoors with her family. She has taught elementary school in Colorado and Thailand. Prior to that, she worked for non-profit organizations like the Boys and Girls Club and YMCA. In each of these positions she strived to positively influence youth in a way that would enable them to experience success. She earned her Bachelor of Science Degree in Health Promotion and her Master of Arts Degree in Youth Development.


Jared Adamson

co-founder & cfo

Jared is a high school math teacher and has taught in Colorado and Thailand. He also coaches high school baseball after playing at Linfield College where he earned his Bachelor of Science Degree in Mathematics and minor in Physics. He continued his education at University of Colorado at Boulder, where he received his Master of Arts Degree in Secondary Education. He received numerous merits in doing so.