How See Mama Bee is Different

See Mama Bee is a an all-in-one wellness app that is individualized for mamahood and connects mama and mini wellness. Well mama. Well mini. Below you will find details of how See Mama Bee is different from current wellness apps and why it is specifically designed for mamas.

  • Eating Well: The majority of current wellness apps are based on caloric intake, a numerical digit determining the perceived nutritional value of food. For mamas that are pregnant, nursing, pumping, or mamas in general, striving to eat less than a specific number of calories per day is difficult. As babies grow, they may demand more nourishment. Mamas must meet this need and, in doing so, maintain unique nutritional needs. See Mama Bee recognizes this and will support mamas in logging their nutrition based on an individualized recommendation determined by their specific stage in motherhood. Rather than focusing on calories, See Mama Bee emphasizes the importance of nourishment, not numbers. Mamas will feel confident in knowing they are consuming a balanced diet not only for themselves, but for their "minis", as well.

  • Being Active: In addition to being supported in eating well, Mama Bees will have the resources to set goals and improve their activity levels. Whether wanting to run faster, jump higher, or have more fun being active, mamas will not only be able to track their current levels of fitness, but set new goals for themselves.

  • Wellness Challenges: Women are social beings, and mamas even more so. Striving towards a goal with friend or family member improves the chances of success. See Mama Bee capitalizes on this by offering mamas a multitude of wellness challenges to complete with others. Whether reaching a new fitness goal, eating more fruits or vegetables, staying hydrated, or taking some "me time", mamas will be supported in improving all areas of their wellness.

  • Tracking and Determining Food Allergies: The majority of mamas today track and determine their child's food allergies through a seemingly endless list of paper/pencil tracking. All of this data then gets transcribed into emails to send to medical professionals. See Mama Bee has streamlined this effort by allowing mamas to complete all these functions, and more, through an effective and efficient application. Mamas will be able to track the type and amount of food their mini ate, the type and severity of reaction, photograph the reaction, timestamp all this information, and then export it directly to medical professionals. In doing so, improve the efficiency in which children are diagnosed with food allergies or sensitivities.

  • The See Mama Bee Aesthetic: See Mama Bee was designed specifically for mamas through friendly and inviting color schemes, graphics, and overall aesthetic. Much like the feel of the ever-popular mom blogs, See Mama Bee appeals to the everyday mama seeking holistic wellness. See Mama Bee is mama's "best friend" in wellness apps.